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Hi there. My name is Kathy Mills. Welcome. I would like to use my site to share information about appliances. I spent my teenage years tearing down appliances for scrap metal. Throughout that process, I learned how to spot repairable issues that could be repaired in order to return the appliances to service with just a few quick part replacements. I also learned how to spot catastrophic damage that warranted a simple and quick teardown instead. I hope you will utilize the information on my site to learn more about the way your appliances operate. I will talk about the internal components and their functions in great detail. Thanks.


How Much Refrigerator Space Do I Need?

If you have a large family and you don't have a refrigerator that is big enough, you may find yourself going to the grocery store more often than you'd like. You may also find yourself being forced to rely more on canned goods, which often have a higher sodium content and are not as good for you. When it comes time to replace your fridge, it's important to make sure that you purchase one that is the right size. 

Refrigerator Sizes

A typical refrigerator has 18 to 26 cubic feet of space. However, there are larger and smaller refrigerator models available. Typically, you want to choose a refrigerator that is as small as possible to save energy, but if you are often short on space, you might want to upgrade the size of your refrigerator. Another option is to purchase a very small room refrigerator to store in another part of the home, such as in the basement. 

There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading the size of your refrigerator even if you have had enough space in the past. For one, if you intend to hold parties more often, you may need more refrigerator space. Also, you may need more space if you are considering cooking more often. If you are often eating out, there is little reason to own a large refrigerator. However, eating at home is better for you than eating out.

Chest Freezers

If you need to store a large quantity of food, one option is to purchase a chest freezer. These are able to hold a much greater quantity of food than refrigerators. Common places to store these chest freezers include the garage and the basement. Once filled up, you can have enough frozen food to last you for a while. 

Refrigerator Types

An important thing to consider is how much freezer space you believe you need. If you purchase a refrigerator and freezer that has a freezer on the left and a fridge on the right, this will give you more freezer space than usual. But your refrigerator compartment will be much narrower.

However, if you purchase a standard refrigerator, the freezer is usually at the top, and the fridge is at the bottom, which provides you with more space. How much freezer space you need depends on the eating needs of your family. For example, if you consume a lot of milk, you'll need more refrigerator space.

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