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Hi there. My name is Kathy Mills. Welcome. I would like to use my site to share information about appliances. I spent my teenage years tearing down appliances for scrap metal. Throughout that process, I learned how to spot repairable issues that could be repaired in order to return the appliances to service with just a few quick part replacements. I also learned how to spot catastrophic damage that warranted a simple and quick teardown instead. I hope you will utilize the information on my site to learn more about the way your appliances operate. I will talk about the internal components and their functions in great detail. Thanks.


Consider These Details When You Shop For Freezer Drawers

If you constantly struggle to find available space in the freezers in your home, it may be time to think about buying an additional appliance that provides freezer space. One option is to choose a set of freezer drawers, which you can have someone install in your preferred location in the kitchen. Freezer drawers look somewhat like conventional kitchen drawers from the outside but offer freezer space on the inside. You can find all sorts of freezer drawers at your local appliance store, so you won't have trouble choosing a set that addresses your needs. Read More 

6 Tips For Installing And Maintaining Your Water Softener Unit

After you have purchased the ideal water softener, it's imperative to understand that the system can only function optimally with proper installation and maintenance. That means it's a job best left for professionals with experience. A reputable water softener supplier must go the extra mile to handle installation and maintenance. However, if it comes to a point where you must do the installation yourself, here are few essential tips to help you install and maintain your water softener: Read More 

Getting The Best Appliances For Your Home

When you move into a new home, remodel the kitchen in your current home, or just decide it is time for new appliances, it is essential that the appliances you buy have the features you need and will work best for you. There are many appliance options on the market, and sometimes it is hard to choose the right ones, but visiting an appliance store is an excellent place to start. Read More 

Choosing A Water Softener And Filtration System For Your Home

In some homes, the water in the domestic water system may be safe but not the best water for drinking, washing, and cleaning. Hard water or water filled with heavy metal like iron can stain the fixtures in your home and leave behind a terrible taste when consuming it.  Testing the Water Before moving forward with the water softener installation, have the water tested for contaminants by an independent testing facility. Read More 

Get Inspired By These Trends In Countertops

Few remodeling projects can breathe new life into a kitchen, dining space, or bathroom as quickly as putting in new countertops. It's natural, though, to be tepid about ideas until you feel confident you have one that'll hold up for years and speak to your own aesthetic sensibilities. Let's take a look at some trends that'll provide inspiration for your renovation effort. Rough Wood Okay, we don't mean rough pine with splinters sticking out of it. Read More